Blog 1 September 2018

Caminos, coaching and blackbirds

‘Caminos’ is the Spanish word for path, way or journey and is the title of my recent debut album of original songs. It was a journey to get to the point of writing, a journey to get to the point of recording and a journey to release into the big wide world.

The album is a journey too through ten songs starting with Voiceless which poses the questions Who am I? What is my voice or calling? How do I find a forum and indeed, have I actually got anything to say? What if I have nothing to say? Do we ever have nothing to say? Don’t Speak of Tears looks at unspoken censorship about what we can and can’t talk about in society. However, this is changing for the good now with more openness to speak about difficult themes. There is a call out for us to think about what’s really important in life (Call Out for the Nice People) and a questioning of how comfortable we are in our own skin (In-Between Years). Are we wearing our own skin or that of others? Following paths which are not our own or trying to wear another’s skin can lead to us feeling foreign in our own life (They). The album heads home with songs of love (New Sandwich and Stars in Your Pocket) for Love is home, isn’t it?

Another question.

The act of creating made me think about what’s out there to assist us on our journey through life creating our art, businesses, homes and relationships whatever it may be that we create, for we all create something everyday. Are we creating what we want or are we on autopilot as a result of a path we found ourselves on some while back?

My journey took me through single motherhood and work as a counsellor, teacher and vocalist/composer/lyricist to arrive at the point of coaching others to help and support them work through inner blocks and outer constraints to achieve their goals.

I love the blackbird singing from the top of the tree, it makes me feel really joyful hence the name Blackbird Coaching for my business to help people create what they are really called to do and what gives them joy.

Claire is a member of the Association for Coaching. If you are interested in an informal chat to disuss coaching do get in touch by sending a message or emailing

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